JBs Wear Review

Posted on January 19 2016

From time to time we like to put up a review on the brands we offer our customers. In 2015 we had a strong year of repeat orders for JBs Wear which to us says the product is still top quality. There has been very few orders where stock has been an issue so that makes our customers and us more than happy with the brand. They have not discontinued many lines so that makes it easier for our customers to do repeat uniform orders.

The JBs Wear Hi Vis is also selling well with them adding in new colours to give our customers more selections. See the Hi Vis Shirts here http://www.ozworkwear.com.au/collections/hi-vis-shirts. Note the new colour combinations for shirts such as the 6DNWL  http://www.ozworkwear.com.au/collections/hi-vis-shirts/products/6dnwl

We have also been ordering direct from JBs over the last 18 months instead of dealing with their former distributor. This has enabled better stock checking and quicker order processing.

Their polos are still popular in particular the 7COV and 7BEL polo's. Personally I'm not a fan of the polyester material the suppliers are putting out these days as I find it hot and sticky however I sweat in winter so maybe my opinion doesn't count. If you're looking for a cotton polo I'd recommend the S2MP.

I can't comment on their new range of Safety Equipment as we haven't sold any of it however it's not something we have promoted on our website but is something we will be adding this year.

To wrap up the article we are more than happy with JBs Wear as a supplier and look forward to another strong year offering this brand. I give them 4 stars out of 5. My only complaint is they sell to companies that setup websites claiming to be JBs Wear wholesalers when they are not. This to me is misleading and just disgusting that people go down to this level.

Thank you for reading my article I hope you have a prosperous 2016.



OZ Workwear




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